Hey everyone!

I'm so thankful for everyone that came out and supported the Ketia4Kidz Golf Outing at Mirror Lake Golf Club last month! It was a huge success, and we raised awareness and increased our funding for more events this year! I know our military children will benefit because of all of you!

Many thanks to all of you that helped make this possible!
! We had many volunteers and a new record for sponsors at a Ketia4Kidz event! I'm so proud and honored! You can see the full list of volunteers and sponsors by clicking on Ketia Kronicles below!

Check out the pictures from the Golf Event HERE

[Ketia Kronicles]



Checkout the new Ketia Kronicles! In this issue we talk about Ketia's play overseas, upcoming events for the Ketia4Kidz Foundation, an update on the K4K Mentorship program and more!


We will have a new blog coming soon as well, on Ketia's experience over in Poland and her goals for the 2011 WNBA Season! ... - MORE


Hey World from the North Pole, also known as Poland! I am over this big body of ocean - a long ways from home trying to help my team succeed in getting better each week and reaching our goal of winning the Polish league championship.  I play for Lotos Gydnia with Monica Wright (WNBA).  - MORE




Hey everybody!


I wanted to quickly let everyone know that I'm back home training for the rest of the off-season. I felt that this was the best thing for my career at this point. I'll be close to family and friends, but more importantly, I'll be able to really work on my game and improve from last season. We're going to be defending champions, and I'm ready to take that next step. I'll keep you posted!!

This is what it is all about. Helping others reach their goals, just as I reached my goal of becoming a champion. Going to Dexter Elementary School in Ft. Benning, GA, was a great moment for me. I was able to start my Adopt-A-School program, and I couldn't think of a better place to start. It was nice to see the news there to show another side of what we do. The kids, the teachers, and the administrators were all great! This is just the start. Thank you! KK